When Our Life’s Web is Unraveled by Violence, Goddess Mourns

My dream is that, at some time in the future, violence will be so rare that it would seem strange to write about it in a blog about the sacred feminine in everyday life.  Unfortunately, though, for now it is all too much a part of daily life for many women, whether through experiencing the… Continue reading When Our Life’s Web is Unraveled by Violence, Goddess Mourns

Is There a “Women’s Language”?

Recently, the world lost the last speaker of a “women’s language” in China.  This language was one created and spoken exclusively by women so that they could discuss their lives with one another.  Is there also a “women’s language” here? While, obviously, women and men both speak English, the ways in which women use language can express qualities that some… Continue reading Is There a “Women’s Language”?

Goddess and Nothingness

Today it was announced that scientists have found a great big nothingness in the universe.  It isn’t a black hole or something that is too dark to be seen, it is literally “nothing there.”  While they are contemplating the scientific meaning, I am considering the creative and spiritual meaning.  To me, the universe is the… Continue reading Goddess and Nothingness

Mary Webb

Mary Webb was a British writer in the early 20th century.  She had a brief moment of fame in the 1920s when her novel, “Precious Bane,” became popular then another briefer moment more recently when it was made into a movie by the BBC. Most of her life, though, Mary Webb spent in rural England… Continue reading Mary Webb

Ani Choying Dolma

Some months ago I was browsing in an art gallery featuring Tibetan art and I came across a CD titled “Dancing Dakinis” by Ani Choying Dolma.  I bought it out of curiosity and was thus introduced to one of my favorite contemporary people and artists. Anu Choying Dolma is a Buddhist nun who uses her… Continue reading Ani Choying Dolma

The Art of Envisioning

Today I was thinking about how envisioning truly is an art, something that takes care, practice, and natural talent.  By “envisioning,” I mean taking your highest ideals and imagining a future that embodies those ideals, that is better than the present we have now, that is relevant to real people’s needs, that is possible enough… Continue reading The Art of Envisioning

Goddess All Around Us

I have been photographing nature this summer and everywhere I look I seem to see Goddess.  Here She is.  All you have to do is look for her.  These are “glacial potholes” from Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts.  Notice that cauldronlike combination of strength and stability and receptivity and holding. Here is the never-ending cycle of death… Continue reading Goddess All Around Us