Creating a Hospitable Community: Interview on Voices of the Sacred Feminine

On Wednesday, February 8, I was thrilled to be the guest of The Rev. Karen Tate on her podcast Voices of the Sacred Feminine talking about ancient concepts of hospitality can help us create peaceful and caring communities. According to Karen’s announcement for the program, “We’ll delve into what that looked like and how it… Continue reading Creating a Hospitable Community: Interview on Voices of the Sacred Feminine

Chaos, Order, and Creation

In the beginning was primordial chaos, a soup of the pure essence of reality, and from this arose a goddess who created order, and thus the universe and the world came into being.  Myths and stories from all over the world tell similar truths about how our universe began, whether it is in the form… Continue reading Chaos, Order, and Creation

Songs to Aphrodite

I’d love to share a short piece of music I just made titled “Songs of Aphrodite.” You are welcome to just enjoy it, or if you would like an excruciatingly detailed explanation, including how it relates to Sappho and some music theory, read on! It is written in the Locrian mode, also known as the… Continue reading Songs to Aphrodite

The Earth Stars Journey

A few weeks ago I was tending to my garden and found that Earth stars had come to my yard. Earth stars are mushrooms that look like stars. The insides of the little ball are filled with spores and when it rains, they open up and scatter their offspring to their fates.  The Blackfeet Nation… Continue reading The Earth Stars Journey

Music Is Poetry Beyond Words

And poetry is music beyond tones and rhythm. When I was in elementary school, I wanted to play the drums in the school band, but I was told “girls don’t play drums.” So, later I learned guitar, piano, and Appalachian dulcimer, but I didn’t play drums for many decades. In the meantime I had read… Continue reading Music Is Poetry Beyond Words