This is my library, where you will find links to various fiction, essays, memoirs, and poetry I have written recently and over the years.  I hope you will find it inspiring, entertaining, and thought-provoking.

Recent On-Line Publications


New in June and July

July, 2021

Winged Women Deeply Rooted (Poem, Return to Mago)

June, 2021

Jonnet Lies Under the Thorn Tree, 1634 (Poem, Return to Mago)

When Your Garden Gardens You  (Essay, Feminism and Religion)

Previous 2021 Publications

Singing is a Sacred Power (Essay, Feminism and Religion)

The Red Hand on the Cave Wall (Poetry, Feminism and Religion)

Freeing the Goddess in Her Outlaw Heart (Fiction, Return to Mago E-Magazine), Part 1, Part 2

The Spirit in the Teapot (Fiction, Return to Mago E-Magazine): Part 1, Part 2

The Healing Spirit of Sacred Play (Essay, Feminism and Religion)

Me a Pond Lily (Poem, Return to Mago E-Magazine)

Summoning Silence (Poem, Return to Mago E-Magazine)

Sunrise at Goodwater (Poem and Music, Return to Mago E-Magazine)


Mourning with the Goddesses, Now More than Ever (Essay, Feminism and Religion)

Wisdom for our Ancient Lawgiver and Judge Traditions (Essay, Feminism and Religion)

Women’s Spiritual Power is All Around Us (Essay, Feminism and Religion)

Like Water Flowing Down a Mountain: Creating Lasting Change (Essay, Feminism and Religion)

Creating a Spiral Spirited Future

I have organized my older writings into an anthology titled Creating a Spiral Spirited Future. You may download it as a free ebook by clicking the download button.

You may also read it right here on this website by starting at the first chapter, “Welcome to My Kitchen,” and then proceeding with links that will take you from chapter to chapter.  I hope you enjoy it!

Here are links to each chapter so you can move around if you like.

Welcome to My Kitchen

What Do the Goddesses Say?

Finding Women’s Spirituality All Around Us

How Do We Make a Better Future Happen?

All Beings Are Sacred

The Ocean Refuses No River

Summoning Silence

If you’re a poetry buff, you might like a free download of my book of poetry titled Summoning Silence. You may download it here.

The Temple of the Subway Goddess

I have also self-published a novel, The Temple of the Subway GoddessThe Temple of the Subway Goddess is a novel of sisterhood, the quest for a modern woman’s sacred spirit, and urban renewal, circa 5000 BCE. Banished from her own time when myth, magic, and a Creator in the form of a woman were part of daily life, 7,000-year- old priestess Mira flees to a forgotten neighborhood of a 21st century American city. There she allies herself with the dispirited and out-of-love ex-photographer Suzanne, bringing her new friend unexpected spiritual powers, troublesome instant celebrity, and a most peculiar mission. As Suzanne’s husband, friends, and neighbors fall under Mira’s spell, she desperately seeks to discover if they have all lost their minds or found their sacred souls.

It is available as a free download or you may purchase it by going to You may also purchase it from Amazon.

Painting is from The Goddess of Afternoon Tea by Celia Player.  Used with permission of the artist.

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