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Welcome to Goddess in a Teapot! You might be wondering about the name of this site. “Goddess,” a term I use here to mean the sacred in women and our lives, is in the teapot because teapots are both everyday, useful objects, and also have many spiritual and creative meanings — they are transformational, turning water and plants into something completely different; they bring together earth (tea leaves), air (their whistles), fire (heat) and water; they nurture and nourish us; they are that which we gather around to form families and communities.

This site celebrates the many ways in which we experience the sacred and express our creativity in our everyday lives.  The illumination of the sunrise, the noise of our families, the solidness of gravity’s pull against our muscles, the spicy taste of cinnamon and cloves, the joy and pride of creating poems or paintings or knitted scarves or gardens or educated children or businesses or whatever we make —  these and thousands of other daily gifts are all divine and worthy of gratitude. We so often forget that we, also, are sacred and have important things to say.  We are each worthy of respect and being listened to and cared for.  Each person has her own unique wisdom that only she knows and that needs to be shared through art, crafts, or other works or it will be lost to all of us.  We each have our own destined job to do on this earth, but we have been given one another to help us through each day.

I Invite You to Read Some of My Published Writings and Hear Some Music!

I have links to all my writing in the Library. There are more recent posts from the past year listed by date – mainly poetry, fiction and essays published in the group blog Feminism and Religion and the Return to Mago E-Magazine. Here you will also find a book titled Creating a Spiral Spirited Future. This includes many of my writings from the past ten years that are organized into chapters and woven together with bits of philosophy and memoirs. You will also discover a book of poetry titled Summoning Silence. Finally, you will find a link to the novel I self-published in 2009 titled The Temple of the Subway Goddess. You may download any of these as an ebook for free, if you like.

Also, you will find some music I have composed and recorded also in the Library. More recent pieces are listed by date and older pieces are in the “Music Box” at the bottom of the page.

Find Out More About Me

If you interested in finding out more about what I have written and how I came up with my ideas, please visit Who Am I?

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I hope that these writings will help you on your own way. So, please sit down, have a cup of tea, and let’s chat!

Carolyn Lee Boyd


Painting is from The Goddess of Afternoon Tea by Celia Player. Used with permission of the artist.

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