Recent Online Publications


Slaying Dragons Our Own Way (Essays, Feminism and Religion), Part I and Part II

What the Star Mothers Would Have You Know (Fiction, Return to Mago)

Reshaping Our World with Words (Essay, Feminism and Religion)

What Was Never Spoken (Fiction, Return to Mago)

Sun and Earth Rose Over the Lake (Fiction, Return to Mago)

Winged Women Deeply Rooted (Poem, Return to Mago)

Jonnet Lies Under the Thorn Tree, 1634 (Poem, Return to Mago)

When Your Garden Gardens You  (Essay, Feminism and Religion)

Singing is a Sacred Power (Essay, Feminism and Religion)

The Red Hand on the Cave Wall (Poetry, Feminism and Religion)

Freeing the Goddess in Her Outlaw Heart (Fiction, Return to Mago E-Magazine), Part 1, Part 2

The Spirit in the Teapot (Fiction, Return to Mago E-Magazine): Part 1, Part 2

The Healing Spirit of Sacred Play (Essay, Feminism and Religion)

Me a Pond Lily (Poem, Return to Mago E-Magazine)

Summoning Silence (Poem, Return to Mago E-Magazine)

Sunrise at Goodwater (Poem and Music, Return to Mago E-Magazine)


Mourning with the Goddesses, Now More than Ever (Essay, Feminism and Religion)

Wisdom for our Ancient Lawgiver and Judge Traditions (Essay, Feminism and Religion)

Women’s Spiritual Power is All Around Us (Essay, Feminism and Religion)

Like Water Flowing Down a Mountain: Creating Lasting Change (Essay, Feminism and Religion)

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