Chaos, Order, and Creation

In the beginning was primordial chaos, a soup of the pure essence of reality, and from this arose a goddess who created order, and thus the universe and the world came into being.  Myths and stories from all over the world tell similar truths about how our universe began, whether it is in the form… Continue reading Chaos, Order, and Creation

Celebrate Your Muses: Your Gateways to Inner Worlds

I have stared out my kitchen window several times a day for over 20 years and only yesterday did I notice that I have a woman emerging from the closest tree.  From several different angles, a female figure is clearly stepping out of the tree’s gnarled bark.  Now, do I believe that there is a… Continue reading Celebrate Your Muses: Your Gateways to Inner Worlds

Goddess and Nothingness

Today it was announced that scientists have found a great big nothingness in the universe.  It isn’t a black hole or something that is too dark to be seen, it is literally “nothing there.”  While they are contemplating the scientific meaning, I am considering the creative and spiritual meaning.  To me, the universe is the… Continue reading Goddess and Nothingness