Goddess and Nothingness

Today it was announced that scientists have found a great big nothingness in the universe.  It isn’t a black hole or something that is too dark to be seen, it is literally “nothing there.”  While they are contemplating the scientific meaning, I am considering the creative and spiritual meaning. 

To me, the universe is the great artistic enterprise and whatever is in it, or not, has a message both for those who create and those who think about what Goddess, who is the original creator, is all about.  What does it mean to create a creation where a lot of it has nothing in it? 

To me it means that Goddess is looking for co-creators.  It isn’t that She expects us to make galaxies and stars and planets and park them in that space.  But, you have to create a place of nothingness for people to create in.  If every spot is filled, you do not have the emotional and intellectual space to allow what is within to come to being in the physical world.  She is saying “now it’s your turn.  I want you to create with me — whether it’s a birthday cake, or a painting, or a song, or a letter, or a quilt, or a bouquet of flowers, or anything else.  It is what we create together that is beauty.  So, here is a space that has the silence and receptivity of nothingness to hold you as you create.”

What will you make in Her space? 

By Carolyn Lee Boyd

Carolyn Lee Boyd’s essays, short stories, memoirs, reviews, and poetry have been published in a variety of print magazines, internet sites, and book anthologies. Her writing explores goddess-centered spirituality in everyday life and how we can all better live in local and global community. In fact, she is currently writing a book on what ancient and contemporary cultures have to tell us about living in community in the 21st century. She would love for you to visit her at her website, www.goddessinateapot.com, where you can find her writings and music and some of her free e-books to download.


  1. Yes. If our vessel is full of “stuff” there’s not room for anything else. We have to clear out space to make room for what we want and need to enter. Another great, thought-provoking post! In Her space I will make room for joy, pleasure and a lot more lightness of being.

  2. Thank you so much for your comment! “Joy, pleasure, and more lightness of being” — wonderful! Today I think I would say that I will make room for compassion, love, and creativity.

  3. This makes a wonderful daily meditation. Today, what will I make in Her space?

    I love the correlation of this post to the scientific discovery of a great, big nothingness. That struck a chord with me. Hence, making space for much more lightness of being. Floating in the nothingness of just being…just being. Embracing the simplest pleasures and joyfulness, (in the midst of the angst and perpetual quest), wherever it can be found.

    We learn so much from nature and the nature of the universe.

  4. Yes – nature has so much wisdom that most people just overlook. Even the fact that the sun comes up each morning — what a statement of love and hope that each day we all get another chance, a whole new future! My favorite natural metaphor is the snowflake — such an abundance of beauty that, for the most part, is never seen by anyone; such a statement of the simple joy of creation and of the overwhelming goodness of the Creator.

    Thank you so much for your comments!

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