Songs to Aphrodite

I’d love to share a short piece of music I just made titled “Songs of Aphrodite.” You are welcome to just enjoy it, or if you would like an excruciatingly detailed explanation, including how it relates to Sappho and some music theory, read on! It is written in the Locrian mode, also known as the… Continue reading Songs to Aphrodite

Words Which I Command Are Immortal

“Though only breath, words which I command are immortal,” wrote Sappho almost 3000 years ago, and since we are reading them all these millennia later, I would say that she was right. Words not only endure, however, but also transform, move our spirits forward, and fly us to realms and into universes and ways of… Continue reading Words Which I Command Are Immortal

Out From Behind A Mask: Young Women Claim Their Right to Be Proud of How They Look

Bravo to the 84, ooo young women whose signatures on a internet petition persuaded Seventeen Magazine to adopt a “Body Peace Treaty” that promises not to change the shapes of the bodies and faces of their models, to “celebrate every kind of beauty,” and to feature “real girls and models who are healthy.” Two… Continue reading Out From Behind A Mask: Young Women Claim Their Right to Be Proud of How They Look

Apocalypse…Not So Much

It has been awhile since I have posted. The past year has been spent doing important but time-and-mind consuming day-to-day tasks.  I wanted the first post in a few months to be humorous and uplifting. What came out of my fingers isn’t really – it has been snowing in New England. A lot. These are… Continue reading Apocalypse…Not So Much

The Winter Queen of the Soul

In order to make articles and columns available to readers here, I am reprinting them as posts.  This first appeared in Moondance, December, 2008. Where I live in New England winter’s snow cover makes the land seem frozen into eternal barrenness. Yet, during this cold season, nature labors below the surface to recreate the earth;… Continue reading The Winter Queen of the Soul