The Art of Envisioning

Today I was thinking about how envisioning truly is an art, something that takes care, practice, and natural talent.  By “envisioning,” I mean taking your highest ideals and imagining a future that embodies those ideals, that is better than the present we have now, that is relevant to real people’s needs, that is possible enough that people are likely to rally round you and help you achieve it. 

“Envisioning” is actually quite a useful art, like blending tea or carving wooden bowls.  Whenever I find myself in a situation that is hopelessly complicated and murky, in which there seems to be no way out, if I envision powerfully enough, I can see the situation from above and understand what needs to be done.   Envisioning is the only way to get people to stop bickering long enough to solve a problem, and not just get back to where you started, but end up with a world better than the one you started with. 

Why is envisioning a Goddess-related art?  Well, if you think of Goddess as related to intuition, then it surely is a Goddess art because you must pull up from within yourself that vision of the world that guides you, that you know in your heart is the way the world should be.  Envisioning requires faith that humanity truly can agree to live together peacefully in a better world and the creativity to figure out how to make that happen. 

 What are your best visions?

By Carolyn Lee Boyd

Carolyn Lee Boyd's essays, short stories, memoirs, reviews, and poetry have been published in a variety of print and online magazines and blog sites and various anthologies. She explores spirituality in everyday life and how we can all better live in local and global community.

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