Shibumi Award Again

May I pass along the Shibumi Award for “subtle and unobtrusive beauty award for blogging elegance” again? I would like to pass it to LillithMother whose words are always truthful and insightful. 

Here you go, my dear!

By Carolyn Lee Boyd

Carolyn Lee Boyd is a writer, drummer, and herb and native plant gardener who lives in New England. Her essays, short stories, memoirs, reviews, and poetry have been published in, among others, Sagewoman, Feminism and Religion, Return to Mago E-Zine, The Goddess Pages, Matrifocus, and The Beltane Papers, and various anthologies. Her work focuses on spirituality in everyday life and encouraging new ways to better live in local and global community by seeking guidance in traditional myths, stories, and practices and creating new myths and stories to find our way to a more peaceful, just, and sustainable future.


  1. Thank you so much for the retelling of this old fable and for your comments and opinions. I think it’s a lovely lesson in how we can all come together in unity and love not only for each other but for all the world.

    I’m so glad you enjoyed it and found meaning in it! And thank you for visiting my site!

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