Our Souls Between Earth and Sea: A Short Story

I am so grateful to The Goddess Pages for publishing a new short story of mine, Our Souls Between Earth and Sea, about selkies and women and the true home of us all in the water. If you would like to read it, please click here.

The Royal Wedding, Disco Balls, and The Goddess of the Land

You may have heard that there was a Royal Wedding at Westminster Abbey this week.  Some polls showed that not even most people in Britain were that interested in it, but you wouldn’t have gotten that impression from the million people lining the street outside the Abbey or even from the Royal Wedding fervor in… Continue reading The Royal Wedding, Disco Balls, and The Goddess of the Land

Once Upon Our Time

In order to make some of my columns and articles available to readers here, I am reprinting them as posts.  This was first published in Moondance in July, 2009. Once upon our time, a woman lived in a room of twisted mirrors. Though she was courageous, strong, and wise, she saw a cowardly, weak, silly,… Continue reading Once Upon Our Time

Happy Birthday, With Love, Sedna

This week I am 51 years old.  Last year on my birthday I began what I imagined would be a yearlong adventure gathering up those elements of my younger self that I had left behind but which I wanted back in my life.  Much of my meandering took place in New York City, where I… Continue reading Happy Birthday, With Love, Sedna