Three Gifts: A Solstice Story

Thanks so much to Mary Sharratt, author of Illuminations about Hildegard of Bingen, among other wonderful books, for posting a piece I wrote about the Solstice on her website. To read it, click here.

Reveling in the Solstice

From mid- to late December, people from many times and places — from the ancient Hopi to classical Rome to medieval Europe– raucously reveled in a world turned upside down. For a few short days each year, everyone would sing and dance, mock the powerful and holy, and escape their cultural roles and responsibilities with… Continue reading Reveling in the Solstice

Chaos-to-Go: Life as a Holy Speck in an Infinite Messiness

First published in Moondance, March 21, 2011 When spring arrives in New England, every acre burgeons into chaos as millions of spores and microscopic one-celled wonders, plants, fungi, animals, and birds emerge from an icy sleep into manic activity. Every year I marvel at this emergence of boundless life for a week or two until… Continue reading Chaos-to-Go: Life as a Holy Speck in an Infinite Messiness

Inviting Goddess to Your Tea Party

 We all know how heavenly tea is, but even from ancient times it has had a mist of sacredness about it. And in all the years the teapot has symbolized the sacred in women’s everyday lives on this blog, I have never written about the close connection between goddesses and tea.  So, as the… Continue reading Inviting Goddess to Your Tea Party