The Emerald Spider

Nothingness now teems in the space that had embraced your living.
Once our feet relentlessly walked Fate’s wheel
Till a Greater Hand snatched you before your crone’s reward.
Never would I have contemplated escape
while we so contentedly, so naively, held hands.
Now, see, a tiny emerald spider scurries away. I follow.

The sun reflects the spider’s back of fertile green and changeless stone.
She binds the worlds, conjuring hope.
She slips into the river whose churning water above and
peaceful undercurrent below
Power the wheel. I pursue.

The spider emerges on an island. It is you.
You arise and join your timeless sisters
In your new work of reweaving the broken threads of living souls.
Your stronger bonds gently disentangle Fate’s chokehold.
“Our fibers,” you cry, “are your sadness at our leaving, our healing hands,
and our love for those we have left behind.”

When you have delivered to me my rewoven self
I descend into the river and swim back to the wheel
But others have seized our places and we are cast off.
I walk my own two feet past Fate, through Destiny.
You perch like a jeweled brooch on my shoulder.
All lying before me is unknown,
and still my destination is beyond the unknown.

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