Recent Work

Rather than posting each time I have an online piece published, I will be updating the Library page monthly so that you can see the most recent work, but also all work published in the past year or two. So, if you’d like to read new work, just check back there whenever you like. For now, here are posts from 2021 and 2020.


New in April

The Spirit in the Teapot (Fiction, Return to Mago E-Magazine): Part 1 Part 2

The Healing Spirit of Sacred Play (Essay, Feminism and Religion)

Previous Publications

Make Me a Pond Lily (Poem, Return to Mago E-Magazine)

Summoning Silence (Poem, Return to Mago E-Magazine)

Sunrise at Goodwater (Poem and Music, Return to Mago E-Magazine)


Mourning with the Goddesses, Now More than Ever (Essay, Feminism and Religion)

Wisdom for our Ancient Lawgiver and Judge Traditions (Essay, Feminism and Religion)

Women’s Spiritual Power is All Around Us (Essay, Feminism and Religion)

Like Water Flowing Down a Mountain: Creating Lasting Change (Essay, Feminism and Religion)

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